BlueBeacon Tool

for iOS / Android

BlueBeacon Tool is an utility app that allows to configure and range BlueBeacon devices (iBeacon or Eddystone version). BlueBeacon Tool is freely available for both iOS and Android.

  • Configure Beacons (works only with BlueBeacon beacons)
    • List all beacons nearby (iBeacon and Eddystone)
    • Read beacon data, including battery status
    • Access and modify beacon settings
  • Locate Beacons (only iBeacon)
    • Ranging of all detected beacons, showing UUID, major, minor, RSSI and accuracy
    • Adding custom regions (with UUID, major, minor), for extending ranging capability to your beacons (including third-party beacons)


iBeacon technology creates a small area of detection for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled mobile devices. BlueBeacon devices uses iBeacon licensed technology, and have been certified by BlueUp to meet Apple Proximity Beacon Specifications

Eddystone is a protocol specification that defines BLE formats for proximity beacon advertising, with different frame types that may be used individually or in combinations to create beacons that can be used for a variety of applications. BlueBeacon devices are certified from Google.